Some Rainy Day Inspiration For Toddlers & Children

I can just about cope with one rainy day in front of the tv but then I start to feel the mum guilt creeping in and I think about all the craft activities I have stocked piled over the years, only to have never seen the light of day...

Too be honest, I am not a natural crafter, despite enjoying it. I do not own a glue gun, or a laminator, or even a great deal of patience, which is why i've been on the lookout for some easy go to indoor activities, and guess what? I've found EXACTLY the right thing.

All Hail OMY and their giant posters! Lil' Cubs are now stocking a variety of these ginormous posters because my children, my children's friends, and I, absolutely love them. The illustrations are fun and quirky, think palm trees wearing sunglasses and strawberries surfing. Measuring 100x70cm they are ideal for laying on the floor so that you can all enjoy colouring in together. I have found that some of my greatest conversations with my kids has been when we are all focused on our colouring corners chatting about nonsense.



The posters are also easy to frame and make wonderful pictures for your children's room.

Giant childrens poster for bedroom

Lil' Cubs is also stocking a variety of OMY colouring pens. Bright neon felt tips, magical pens (my favourite!) and ultra washable pens which are perfect for the posters.

And... the best rainy day gift of all? The Stick-It rolls. The Stick-It rolls come in two designs - animals and dinos. The paper has a non adhesive sticky back so you can roll out some of the paper and cut to size and then stick to your wall, table, floor and start colouring in without worrying about the paper moving all over the place. We put a layer of the animal roll around our bottom bunk bed and it was the best thing ever because it meant that our children would start colouring in when they woke up and we got an extra 30 mins to snooze! And when it was finished we peeled it off (no residue left on the wall or paintwork stripped) and put a fresh new piece of roll on. The rolls are also brilliant for long train journey (stick on the table) and restaurants. The perfect travel companion!

My son Hugo colouring his Stick-It wall.

So if it looks like rain, there's no need to despair, OMY & Lil' Cubs are here.

Go take a look at the OMY range over here - OMY.

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Some Rainy Day Inspiration For Toddlers & Children – Lil' Cubs