Apple Baby Swaddle Muslin Blanket

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Beautifully versatile and soft oversized swaddle muslins. These large muslins are ideal for swaddling your baby, sun shade, light blanket, cot sheet, photo backdrop or even just to clean up the Lil' Cubs mess.

Because the prints are unisex Lil' Cubs swaddle muslins make fantastic gifts for an expectant mother. 100% breathable cotton muslin. Super soft to touch and perfect for babies delicate skin. 120 x 120 cm. 

Machine washable. Wash with similar colours. To protect your lil' cubs planet, and their skin, we only use eco friendly dyes. 

A step by step guide to How To Swaddle Your Baby:

  1. Spread your Lil' Cubs swaddle muslin out flat in a diamond shape and fold down the top corner.

  2. Lay your baby face-up on the muslin, with their head placed gently on the folded corner.

  3. Carefully move your baby’s right arm down by their side, then wrap the right corner over your baby and tuck it underneath your baby’s left side.

  4. Bring the bottom corner of the blanket up over your baby’s feet, towards the shoulders. Make sure that your baby's neck and head are left uncovered.

  5. Now gently put your baby’s left arm by their side and wrap the left corner over your baby, tucking it in under the right side. Important - make sure you don’t cover the head or neck with the swaddle muslin.

  6. Check that the wrap isn’t too tight, you should be able to fit 2 or 3 fingers between the baby's chest and the swaddle. Your baby’s legs should be able to move freely. Do not wrap tightly as this can lead to hip dysplasia or dislocation.

Customer Reviews

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Zoe Russell-Hobson
A must have for new parents

This swaddle muslin is such a useful size that you can use it for almost anything. Its nice and bright for tummy time/play with a young baby, great as a blanket in hot weather, a sun shade, a moses basket sheet, a big sister super hero cape! Its also fantastic quality and washes nicely. A must have for all new parents!

Katie May-erskine
You need one

These muslin swaddles are an absolute must have, so many uses. We adore ours and use them daily still after 9 months


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Apple Baby Swaddle Muslin Blanket – Lil' Cubs